Woman looks like Fiona from ‘Shrek’ after fake tan turns her green

No, it’s not “Shrek” cosplay.

A bottle-tan mishap has left one woman from the UK looking like the ogre princess Fiona from blockbuster animated film “Shrek.”

Footage of her accidental makeover shows her friends’ stunned reactions as she debuts her new green hue, with one tender-hearted friend assuring it’s “[not] that bad.”

Lilly Vigus, an equine management student from Rochester, Kent, claims that she and her roommates were feeling restless during lockdown when they decided to experiment with self-tanning lotion, according to Kennedy News.

In spite of her naturally fair skin, Vigus picked up the only tanner available at the shop, a bottle of St. Moriz 1 Hour Fast Tan in shade “Darker Than Dark.”

This isn’t her first time using self-tanner as Vigus, 18, is known to “burn instantly” in the sun and thus avoids exposure.

A bottle-tan mishap has left one woman from the UK looking like the ogre princess Fiona from blockbuster animated film “Shrek.”Kennedy News; DreamWorks

“To get around this I fake tan,” she told the news agency.

In fact, she insisted, “Apart from horses, fake tanning is the only thing I’m interested in.”

The equine management student is naturally fair-skinned, and has claimed to use self-tanners frequently.Kennedy News & Media

However, this time the fake tan fan went a step — or “shade,” rather — too far.

“People were calling me Fiona from ‘Shrek’ because my ginger hair and green skin all matched with her,” said Vigus, in reference to the ’00s animated franchise starring the voices of Mike Myers as the eponymous green monster and Cameron Diaz as a fairy tale princess who falls in love with the ogre — and later transforms into one herself.

Vigus found herself unable to resist finishing off the bottle.

“After the second layer I did think it was a bit dark but I decided to keep going.”

The green water in her shower the next morning was the first sign her tanning scheme had gone awry.

“The water just kept running green for ages,” she said. “Every time I washed for the next few days the water running off me was still green.”

Vigus decided to lean into the ogre-ish look by also dying her hair red.Kennedy News & Media

The Post has reached out to St. Moriz regarding the reason behind the green hue, and will update this story if reps respond. One beauty blogger suggested in a 2019 post that self-tanner can turn green if it oxidizes, which may be a result of extreme temperatures, or expiration.

For days, her skin’s muddy shade of green made a mockery of her bronze ambition. So, she owned it — by dying her hair red à la Fiona.

“I went to breakfast the next morning and everyone just stopped and stared at me when they saw me,” said Vigus. “I got laughed at a lot.”

The self-tanner brand responsible for the Shrek-like transformation delivered a tongue-in-cheek statement, according to Kennedy News, saying the Princess Fiona dupe “looks great.”

“We love seeing people’s results and she looks naturally tanned with a healthy glow!” St. Moriz trolled.

“Self-tanning is a great mood-booster and we love putting a smile on peoples faces by helping them feel more confident!”