‘Who Killed Sara?’ star Manolo Cardona on training for role

Manolo Cardona says it was hard work getting into shape for his role in the hit Netflix series “Who Killed Sara?”

To play Alex Guzmán — a personal trainer who has spent 18 years behind bars, falsely imprisoned for killing his sister Sara — Cardona, 43, says he trained “Every day, two hours a day.”

“And it was hard,” he adds, “but it was good at the end because when you see it in the show, I was in shape.”

Manolo Cardona in “Who Killed Sara?”NETFLIX

Native Colombian Cardona, meanwhile, is actually friends with one of his country’s other famous exports to Hollywood: Sofía Vergara.

“We know each other and she’s so nice,” he said. “I laugh a lot with her the couple of times that we see each other. Hopefully, if I get the authority that Sofía has, that will be amazing.”

And as for his country’s other biggest export, Cardona — who previously acted in Netflix’s Pablo Escobar series “Narcos” — acknowledges Colombia’s role in the global cocaine industry — and its subsequent reputation as a dangerous locale — with a common Spanish-language idiom.

“We cannot hide the sun with a finger, but I think we have been growing in a way that hopefully, we get out of there soon. I mean, now in Colombia, if you go, you can go everywhere. You can go and visit any place.”

“Who Killed Sara?” has been renewed for a second season.