Wendy’s spares no one on #NationalRoastDay — even Armie Hammer

Wendy’s should join the deep-Friars Club.

Don’t let the company’s innocent-looking ginger mascot fool you — they are masters of verbally grilling the competition (just ask Steak ‘n Shake).

Now, the acid-tongued fast-food firm is on a tear with #NationalRoastDay, a made up tradition during which Wendy’s dished up a brutal bevy of tailor-made insults to willing participants on Twitter.

And even scandal-plagued actor Armie Hammer faced their flames.

“Time for everybody’s favorite made up social media holiday,” wrote the fast-food chain Wednesday in a tweet with more than 46,000 likes. “It’s #NationalRoastDay, like right now. Drop a “Roast Me” below and feel the burn.”

Needless to say, no one was safe from Wendy’s saucy skillet.

“Cheers to made-up holidays,” tweeted New Belgium Brewing. “Bring it on with the roast, we’ve got a Fat Tire ready to soothe the burn.”

Wendy’s obliged, tweeting: “Ah, the classic ‘at least it’s not Bud Light’ option at the cookout. #NationalRoastDay.”

The burger chain took the fizz out of Coca-Cola by writing, “Can I get a cup for water? #NationalRoastDay.” They were referencing a frequent request made by freeloaders at fast-food purveyors.

Responding to a roast request from Oreo, they wrote: “New flavor idea: Don’t.”

And they absolutely melted Velveeta with the barb: “How are you a verified account when you’re not even verified cheese? #NationalRoastDay.”

It wasn’t just food and beverage firms that were minced by Wendy’s linguistic meat grinder.

In their most risqué roast in the thread, Wendy’s flambéed Lionsgate films with a reference to “Social Network” actor Armie Hammer, who recently made headlines for alleged cannibalistic cravings.

“We’d give you a hand but we’re afraid one of your actors might eat it,” they quipped in the now-deleted tweet.

They also defanged the “Twilight” franchise with, “Name an actor who isn’t trying to live down being in your movies.”

“Congrats on being the number one search engine site that comes up when people misspell Google,” they snarked at Microsoft Bing.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile’s ears are no doubt still ringing from this boutique burn: “Please hold, a roast representative will be with you in 2-14 hours.”

Wendy’s even took a shot at the king of insults himself, UK chef and “Kitchen Nightmares” host Gordon Ramsay, for allegedly copying their methods. “Creating a food empire off of insulting people to stay relevant? Real original, Gordon,” they tweeted along with a pic of the iconic “Spiderman vs. Spiderman” meme with images of Wendy and Ramsay digitally pasted over the superheroes.

Wendy’s is no stranger to serving up sick burns. Like a hamburger-making Michael Corleone from “The Godfather,” they have verbally assassinated nearly all their fast-food rivals from Burger King to McDonald’s.