Wendy Williams Reveals She Had An Abortion After Getting Pregnant With Hip-Hop Legend Eric B

Fans of Wendy Williams know the television personality has been all over the news circuit over the last few days regarding her new biopic and subsequent promotional interviews.
One such conversation was between herself and DJ Suss One during which she talked about a hook-up she had supposedly had with the Wu-Tang Clan’s Method Man. Thus far, Method Man has reportedly denied the incident had ever occurred, which Wendy predicted, albeit through his silence.
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By taking a look at Method Man’s Instagram and Twitter accounts, it looks like the rapper hasn’t said anything in response to her claims, although, if one peruses the #MethodMan hash-tag on Instagram and Twitter, many memes and jokes are clearly visible. Clearly, a lot of people online are saying something about the story.
You can check out one of these below:
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And there’s another one right here too:
Furthermore, 50 Cent – who has had a beef with Williams for years now – has been having a field day with the story. The rapper has put Method Man on blast a number of times, asking how he ever could’ve gotten himself into a sexual situation with Wendy.
According to a new report from Hot New Hip Hop, Williams has been making waves once again for her personal relationships, including one with Eric B, the legendary rapper from Eric B and Rakim. Thus far, the details of their purported romance haven’t been revealed.
The outlet says Wendy Williams: The Movie, which airs on Lifetime, revealed that she had once gotten pregnant with the iconic rapper’s baby. In fact, she says they even had to get an abortion. The rapper allegedly ruined her credit after using her card as well.
People Magazine picked up on the clip in which Wendy claimed their romance didn’t “even last a year,” and when everything was said and done, her “credit was ruined” and she was “growing his seed.” The personality claims she went to the clinic on her own and never told anyone about it, describing the incident as one of the “loneliest experiences” of her life.