We tried Addison Rae’s makeup line

Addison Rae is the hottest item on the internet.

When the 20-year-old TikToker started showing her dance moves on the app in July 2019, she quickly racked up millions of followers.

Now, LA-based influencer is branching out with her Netflix film “He’s All That,” which premiered on August 27, and the recent launch of her cosmetics brand, ITEM Beauty.

As one of Sephora’s only Gen-Z and influencer-led brands, Rae is making waves in the industry — and we decided to put her collection to the test ourselves.

Courtesy of @itembeauty via Instagram.

While we couldn’t get our hands on every product available, Commerce Journalist Victoria Giardina tried out tons, including the cleansing balm and Rae’s go-to lip gloss shade. She curated a list of pros and cons below to help guide you while shopping and see if her items are really “all that.”

See below for the review.

PROS: Intended to smoothly “melt away” makeup, this product also doubles as a refreshing cleanser. The tub packaging stores much product for the price, too.

CONS: This product does help to remove even second-day makeup but it feels a bit greasy on the skin. If you have chronically dry skin, this would be a good product. But, on my dry skin, it was a bit too creamy for my liking.

PROS: This moisturizer was my favorite skincare product in Addison’s line that I tried. It’s super moisturizing, the product comes out in a spiral-like shape to conserve product and its size is great for traveling.

CONS: None to speak of.

PROS: I used this product as a face mist instead of a setting spray, and it’s versatile in that regard. It’s super refreshing — unlike other brands that I’ve tried — and smells good, too!

CONS: It’s difficult to assess the working power of sprays, which is a definitive con. It’s not a product I would run out and purchase, but it’s a solid option if you’re looking for a budget-friendly product that’s a two-in-one face mist before makeup and setting spray after makeup.

PROS: The included brush is a nice touch that you can even use to apply other products, like bronzers and highlighters. The powder itself has a blurring effect that complements the skin once concealer and a tinted moisturizer or foundation is applied.

CONS: The packaging, surprisingly, was the worst of all of Item Beauty’s products. It’s good in theory, but the powder exploded all over my bedroom. Plus, it was difficult to swindle the brush into the powder to begin with. This product may be “all that” for some, but not for me, if I’m being honest.

PROS: The quality of the bronzer is great and extremely blendable and buildable. The two-tone shades make it easy to create a subtle glow and a dramatic contour alike.

CONS: The packaging is a bit cheap compared to Addison’s other products, much like drugstore-level makeup. But, the quality of the bronzer makes up for that. It’s also unavailable at Sephora, so diehard fans will have to check out Item Beauty’s site.

PROS: These eyeshadow colors are incredibly versatile for travel or for a quick swipe of color. It’s great for creating a “no makeup” makeup look with your ring finger.

CONS: The eyeshadow isn’t “all that” pigmented — but that can be considered a pro if you prefer your makeup look to be subtle. Personally, I enjoyed this product despite its level of transparency.

PROS: The packaging is amazing. It feels like a $75 mascara, but it’s only $15! Plus, the wand is so small — the smallest I’ve used — but this design ensures each lash is lengthened. It’s one of my favorite mascaras I’ve used to date.

CONS: None to speak of.

PROS: You bet I had to try Addison’s beloved ‘Come Thru’ shade. It’s truly “all that” and looks glam and glossy even without lipstick applied beforehand. The thick, fluffy wand makes this one of my favorites, alongside the small size to conveniently store in your clutch or crossbody bag. The taste is also divine.

CONS: None to speak of.