Twitter wonders if Jason Sudeikis was high for Golden Globes award speech

It was an emotional high for “Ted Lasso.”

Jason Sudeikis, star and creator of AppleTV+ breakout comedy “Ted Lasso,” clearly didn’t expect to win a 2021 Golden Globe award for it.

And now his fans are abuzz on Twitter about whether or not he was under the influence.

Bleary-eyed and clad in a tie-dye sweatshirt while everyone else was dressed for the red carpet, the 45-year-old former “SNL” star delivered his acceptance speech for best actor in a comedy.

In his stuttering, rambling speech, he said “That’s nuts!” three times, seemingly in disbelief over his win. (To be fair, we need to note that Sudeikis was video-conferencing in with a five-hour time difference from England, where he is filming the second season on “Ted Lasso.”)

He then quoted from a book he reads to his son, Otis, called “The Three Questions,” and finished by saying, “I reject the premise of being the best actor,” because he explained that he believes that the “best” is whoever he’s in a scene with at a given moment. 

It was a very “Ted Lasso” speech, since the show stars Sudeikis as an American football coach who has been assigned to a British football team — despite no experience in the Premier League. Lasso is all heart, and eventually wins over the skeptical players with his care toward their emotions. 

However, his disheveled appearance and rambling speech did also lead some viewers on social media to speculate about what he might have ingested beforehand. 

Jason Sudeikis’ edibles hit just at the right time— Jessica Valenti (@JessicaValenti) March 1, 2021

a super high jason sudeikis saying “who is the person you’re with?” just shook me to my core— Chris Murphy (@christress) March 1, 2021

Others commented on how his outfit is telling about the state of his high-profile divorce from Olivia Wilde, 36, who is dating Harry Styles.

Jason Sudeikis looks extremely divorced right now— Esther Zuckerman (@ezwrites) March 1, 2021

“Ted Lasso” was also nominated for the best comedy series but lost to “Schitt’s Creek.”

Season 1 is currently available on AppleTV+, Season 2 is currently in production and it’s been renewed through Season 3.