Towanda Braxton Invites Fans To Embark On Massive Craziness Together – See Her Post

Towanda Braxton told fans that a new episode of her series in up and she shared a short clip on her social media account. Check out the post below.
‘@kingladybug Maaaaaaaan!! We have a new episode up on #youtube make sure you guys subscribe so you don’t miss the craziness we embark on together! #kingladybug #funcouple #love #laughter #happiness,’ Towanda captioned her post.

Someone said: ‘Lmao girl this is too funny!! You finally posted it 🤣🤣’, and another followewr posted this message: ‘Ayeee I was right there with you🤣😂.’
A follower said: ‘You doing the first part like how you be doing the man enough for me dance break on stage👏👏👏’, and someone else posted this: ‘Ok the Braxton family is one of my favourite family to watch all u guys make me laugh❤️.’
Someone else said: ‘My momma looks like a little kid with her middle fingers up fr🤣🖕🏿.’
She also shared the following video which she captioned with this message: ‘@kingladybug YouTube A brand NEW @Kingladybug YouTube episode is up! Make sure you subscribe to our channel! #kingladybug #funcouple #blacklove #AllLoveMatters #fun #tbraxtonskincare #nature.’
Someone else said: ‘I was feeling the energy from the tree through the phone I will be hugging trees from now on.’
In other recent news, Towanda Braxton has a surprise for her fans, and she revealed it in the video that she recently shared on her social media account. Check out her post below.
‘@t.braxtonskincare What’s for Valentine’s Day? Is Valentines Day just for women or both men and women? What’s your view on that? Comment below! #valentinesday❤️ #tbraxtonskincare #love #skin #skincare @kingladybug #youtube,’ Towanda captioned her post.
Towanda is living her best life these days, and her fans could not be happier.

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