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Toni Braxton Shares A Funny Video About The Braxton Family Values

Toni Braxton made her fans laugh with a funny video about the Braxton Family Values. Check out the post below.
‘Y’all is this how we really be looking?? 😂 One of my favorite #bfv parodies! @taytoivi thank you for the laugh!’ and someone else said: ‘It’s Miss. Evelyn’s “for GOD sakes” for me 😂.’
One commenter posted this: ‘Yes, Toni, Thats how yall be acting too🤣🤣,’ and someone else said: ‘This is hilarious. I love the excuses she gives (as Toni Braxton) for not participating. 😆😆hilarious!.’

A commenter wrote: ‘Crise!!!!! Trina’s New England accent took me out!!! This girl is talented!’
One other follower said: ‘I knew who everyone was without looking at the name tag😂’ and someone else posted this message: ‘Nailed it! I feel like @tonibraxton has to do an album called monarch butterfly lol.’
A fan posted this: ‘I love ya’ll, but yes, this how ya’ll me looking. She got it down,’ and somoene else said: ‘She got All of y’all! Where is Trina’s accent from tho lol.’
A follower said: ‘She did all of you guys very good I wanted to see a lil more tamer but it’s hard to find someone to really do her @tonibraxton.’
In other recent news, Toni Braxton is supporting Viola Davis, and she shared a video featuring the lady, and you can check it out.
‘@ViolaDavis I had to RP…I’m right there with you, sis! @mspackyetti, thank you for educating. The world needs to hear this,’ Toni wrote.
Also, not too long ago, Toni Braxton celebrates a musical success. Check out the happy announcement that she shared along with a video.

‘Thank you, Billboard, for the #1 Adult R&B Song, #LiveOutYourLove! Yay, Kemmy @musicbykem! Let’s do a toast over Zoom 🥂’Toni captioned her post