Todd Tucker Spent Some Quality Time With His Bro And Crew

Todd Tucker spent some quality time with some of his loved ones and fans appreciated this. Check out the posts he shared on his social media account.
A follower said: ‘That’s very nice Todd you need some me time’ and someone else posted this: ‘Can we get some photos of the new steak house restaurant.’
One follower said: ‘I love it what handsome men just beautiful,’ and one otheer follower said: ‘really cool that you hung out with them!’

Todd also posted the following photo.
‘The One in back is smart got mask on you be satisfied until you catch Covid todd just ask Michael stran how it feels to have Covid please keep your mask everybody knows who y’all are the beautiful picture I just want y’all to live,’ he captioned the photo.

Someone said: ‘U betts not b partying n have Dez Dudes stayin n ur house while Kandi out making money 💴 for family shootin Chiraq. EYEZ on U n ur Daddy daycare Dude! Kidz first always! Prayers blessings n unity family 1st – partners n playtime can wait til Rona Virus is ova n ur wife home safe- u can’t b n streets n exposing ur kids to illnesses n ur wife away! Dang Dumbax!’
One other follower posted this: ‘What is the meaning of the two fingers you always put up Todd? Curious.’
Someone else posted this: ‘Can we get some photos of the new steak house restaurant?’
In other news, Todd Tucker announced that the Daddy Daycare series is back. Check out the video that he shared on his social media account.

Todd is living his best life with his family these days.