Tiger Woods’ Ex-Wife Has ‘Bent Over Backwards’ To Make Sure He Spends Time With Their Kids After Car Accident

After the golf champion’s car accident, new reports claim to know that his former wife, Elin Nordegren is making sure that he still spends a lot of time with their young ones while recovering. Tiger Woods went through a terrifying experience and is still on the mend, a month and a half since the scary car crash. RELATED: Tiger Woods’ Mystery New Girlfriend Revealed! Thankfully, however, he at least gets to see his kids as often as possible as his ex-wife, Elin, has been bending over backwards to make that happen for him. One source told PEOPLE that ‘She’s been incredible since his crash. She has bent over backwards to make sure that [Tiger Woods] can see the kids while he recovers from his injuries. They are working well to make sure that the kids have as much access to them as they want.’ What this means is that basically, it’s all up to the two kids to show up at Tiger’s place ‘anytime they want.’ RELATED: Tiger Woods Ready To Share His ‘Definitive Story’ In New Tell-All This method has really been working for the exes and they have very little jealousy over ‘who gets to spend what time with the kids,’ these days. Tiger is currently recovering at home after spending no less than three weeks in the hospital following the accident. The sports star suffered a laceration to the lower front of his jaw, bruised his ribcage, and fractured his right tibia and fibula. The latter was the most serious injury and he needed a rod, screws and pins to save his leg. The insider mentioned that he is still dealing with some pain but that he is in ‘good spirits.’ Tiger is apparently really ‘focused on his continued recovery’ and receiving ‘great medical care.’ Of course, it sounds like his positive mindset and also having his two kids by his side so often have contributed a lot to his rapid recovery as well.