The Notorious BIG’s Friend Says Biggie’s Mom Once Threw Out The Rapper’s Crack Cocaine Because She Thought It Was Old Mashed Potatoes

The Notorious BIG has gone down in the history of popular music as easily one of the greats, and not just in rap music either. The rapper’s flow and lyrical abilities cemented his status as a legend back in the late 1990s, moreover, his sudden death right before the release of Life After Death made the record even more of a hit.
As a result, Christopher Wallace, also known as The Notorious BIG or Biggie Smalls, still winds up in the headlines every once in a while over an old story or tale from someone who knew him. This time, it’s more of a rare occasion because it’s an old friend telling the tale.
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Reportedly, a friend of The Notorious BIG revealed that Biggie’s mother once threw out a plate filled with crack rocks because it looked a lot like soiled mashed potatoes. It was left right by the windowsill.
D-Roc Butler – who rode alongside Biggie when he was killed – told the story in Biggie: I Got A Story To Tell, in which he revealed that he and Biggie once left drugs to process by the windowsill so they could then sell them later to customers.
Butler shared to The Post that when they got back, they noticed she had cleaned the room and the crack was gone. Butler says Voletta told them they couldn’t just leave dirty dishes lying around like that. Even though it seemed like it was a done deal, Christopher managed to get the crack back and they sold it after retrieving it from the garbage and wiping the barbecue sauce off of it.
Reportedly, Butler didn’t want to discuss whether Biggie’s death had anything to do with the murder of Tupac Shakur in addition to the ongoing West Coast/East Coast rap rivalry that was going on at the time.
He did say, however, that Biggie had to go to Los Angeles to promote his new record which wound up being a massive hit. Butler says they never knew anyone out in Los Angeles; they weren’t there on vacation, they had work to do.