Tamar Braxton Wishes Diezel Braxton A Happy Anniversary – Check Out Her Post

Tamar Braxton wished a happy birthday to Toni Braxton ‘s son, Diezel Braxton . Check out the post that she shared on her social media account. ‘Happy birthday to my sweet baby @diezel.braxton I love you to the moon and back. You are the truest example of when GOD IS ON YOUR SIDE!! Look at you NOW‼️ make em all eat it and keep your foot on they necks cause you know you are one of God’s favorites 🙏🏼🤷🏽‍♀️ you’re a model, an amazing actor and every single school u applied to accepted you‼️‼️So, I hope that many more trips around the sun will teach you what I already know, that ANYONE would be lucky AF to have you riding for them and by your side… and that’s on Mary AND her lamb! Baaaaaa😂😂😂🍀Love you champ #happy18thbirthday,’ Tamar captioned her post. RELATED: Tamar Braxton Reveals That Vincent Herbert Is Dating Again After He Meets Her New Nigerian Boyfriend Someone said: ‘Why does she have to post all her nieces and nephews? Who made that rule? I don’t post all mine. She is close to Toni’s kids. The relationship is different. People be so invested in other people’s families.’ Another follower posted this message in the comments: ‘Looks like his Daddy twin in the 2nd picture. Happy Birthday young king 👑’ and one other commenter said: ‘Happy Birthday diezel 🥰🖤Don’t delete this one like you deleted Toni’s Tamar.’ RELATED: Tamar Braxton’s BF, David Adefeso Goes Live Today To Talk Money, Investing, Stocks, And More During Lockdown Someone else said; ‘I forgot me and he have the same birthday. Happy Birthday, King!!!’ Another follower posted this message: ‘Happy Birthday young man! You give a lot of parents and kids with autism hope in knowing that they to can do whatever they put their hearts in ❤️❤️❤’ In other recent news, Tamar Braxton   just gushed over her sister,  Trina Braxton   via social media. Check out the funny clip that she shared on her social media account. ‘WAIT!!! This is Trina Jackson cause it’s FOR SURE ain’t @trinabraxton SNAPPING like this‼️‼️ #ATE🥰…see what happens when u get off wetv🍀 #stayunderconstruction 😜 )ion think it’s Trina…. for real)😒’ Tamar captioned her post.