T.I.’s Daughter, Deyjah Harris Triggers Massive Twitter Debate Following This Message

T.I.’s daughter, Deyjah Harris , triggered a massive debate on Twitter following her recent messages. Check out her tweets below. some of them love the fact that they have to safe space with me to say whatever they want/how they truly feel. some people are in the comments uplifting others, giving them hair care tips/recommendations, etc. and that’s exactly what i want/love to see. — Deyjah Harris🤎 (@yafavdeyj) August 29, 2021 RELATED: T.I. Links Up With Kanye West And Fans Are Surprised That Kim’s Husband Is No Longer ‘Canceled’ Also, check out the post that The Shade Room shared. Check out more she had to say below. RELATED: Tiny Harris Is Reportedly Preparing The Best Father’s Day For Her Beloved T.I. their hair* my bad … but yeah /; of course i’d never intentionally offend anyone, but i shouldn’t have to keep walking on eggshells or being unauthentic when it comes to saying how i feel about MYSELF. — Deyjah Harris🤎 (@yafavdeyj) August 29, 2021 Back in June, T.I. shared a message for his daughter, Deyjah’s birthday, on social media. This managed to impress his fans a lot. ‘Happy Birthday @deyjahimani I Intentionally waited a day later so I could celebrate you by myself selfishly😎I love you to no end. Even though tumultuous times I still think the world of you. I’m always proud and incredibly impressed by your revolutionary perspective,’ he began. He also said: ‘You’re words are soft and seldom heard but always impactful and profound at the same time. You never cease to amaze me with your growth and self evaluation.’ Tip continued and said: ‘I LOVE YOU today even more than ever before. I’m biting the shit out of a shark & beating a bear bout you, love bug. Thank you for teaching me what I needed to learn about things I didn’t know that I didn’t know. You’re forever my baby bear!!! All my love for all my life. – Pops” Stay tuned for more news.