Sharon Osbourne Says She Is Really ‘Proud’ Of Daughter Kelly After She Dropped 85 Pounds – Here’s Why!

Sharon Osbourne‘s daughter, Kelly has managed to drop no less than 85 pounds and her mom is super happy for her. Here’s why!
Kelly Osbourne not only looks amazing and is healthier than ever, she has also gained a lot of confidence after losing weight so it makes sense that her mom is thrilled!
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The way Sharon put it during a new interview for HollywoodLife is that Kelly has her ‘mojo back’ now and her career is going great as well, as a result!
Kelly has come a long way as far as her health is concerned and her mother is really proud.
It’s been a few years since Kelly underwent gastric sleeve surgery and ever since then, she has remained dedicated to transforming her shape as well as her life as a whole but last year was the true turning point for her!
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During the chat with the site, the mom gushed that ‘She’s a beautiful young woman and I am so proud of her. She is just great. It is great looking at her and seeing her go off with all her friends. Did you see her on NYE? She was hosting. It was so much fun to just watch her and I was like, ‘Yeah! My Kelly is back!’ It was great.’
Her incredible transformation comes after Kelly declared that 2020 would be her year of transition and sure enough, that’s exactly what happened, Kelly ending the year looking like a whole new person!
Her announcement on December 31, 2019, which she posted on her IG account reads: ‘2020 is going to be the year of me!!! It is time to put myself first, stop taking on other people’s s**t and be the bad**s sober woman I was born to be.’
Exactly one year later, people were able to see all that become a reality! Talk about New Year’s resolutions!