Shaquille O’Neal’s Ex-Wife Shaunie Says She’s Not Against Their Daughters Dating NBA Players – Here’s Why!

Shaunie O’Neal revealed that, despite the fact that Shaquille O’Neal cheated on her with more than just one woman, she would not be against her daughters also dating basketball players! The Basketball Wives star is not about to generalize and just think that all NBA players are the same just based on her personal experience with one.
Still, it’s well known that many of them are infamous for their lack of loyalty to their women mainly because of their careers!
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After all, it can be hard to stay faithful when they are on the road a lot, earn a lot of money and have so many options in terms of willing sexual partners!
Temptation often wins and even Shaq himself has said that he would not want their daughters to one day date NBA players.
But Shaunie thinks differently! During an interview for HollywoodLife, the woman made it clear that she just wants them to follow their hearts!
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‘Well, I have not had to give them any advice about that because they are not seeing any. So, until we cross that bridge. I won’t, I do not like to put them in a bubble you know what I mean like every NBA player every athlete’s a certain kind of way, even though we know pretty much what it is. But I am sure there are some good ones out there,’ she dished.
She went on to share that if they do end up dating athletes, they will certainly need to be impressive from all points of view!
‘I’m not gonna ban them but I am not gonna encourage it either. But who could ever tell you who to fall in love with. That guy’s going to have a whole, here we already know the game so he better be really good. A real man, real real good, like perfect. I think he will wind me on his best behavior at all times. And that goes for any guy. It will be a few more eyes on him, of course [if he’s a basketball player.]’