Scott Disick’s Celebrity Barber Shares How His GF Amelia Hamlin Feels About Her Man Getting Pink Hair!

As fans know, Scott Disick made a pretty daring hair change not too long ago! The self proclaimed lord is now rocking pink hair and the barber told all about it, including how his girlfriend, 19 year old model Amelia Hamlin reacted to the radical look change!
This comes after Scott first debuted the hot pink hair during an outing with Amelia in Miami.
At the time, he was photographed by the paparazzi rocking the colorful hair trend.
Now, Luis Rivera, who is responsible for the pink hair on Scott’s head, revealed that both Scott and his young girlfriend love how it looks!
According to the celebrity barber, who also styles hair for other big names such as Maluma, Bad Bunny and Ludacris, to just name a few, Scott came in with the intention of just refreshing his platinum blonde since he’d gone for the frosty look not too long before.
However, once in his chair, Scott was inspired to try out pink instead!
The barber told HollywoodLife that ‘I did Scott’s hair because he sent me a DM asking to get a haircut with me and that’s how I had the opportunity to do his hair. It was my first time doing Scott’s haircut and color. He asked for platinum blonde first but when he found out I did pink hair on Maluma he said that he liked it, and he wanted his hair like that. And we just made it happen. Pink’s really trendy right now so we decided to do it.’
He went on to say that it took a few hours for the transformation to happen but it was definitely worth it since ‘Scott’s reaction was really good, he loved it.’

As for how his girlfriend, Amelia, felt about it, he insisted that she felt the same way!
‘She was there and she loved it too. It made me feel very good. I’d like to thank Scott for treating me right and being a special person.’

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