Sara Molina Explains That She And Tekashi 69’s Daughter Receive Death Threats Because Of Him

Sara Molina is really upset with Tekashi 69, and she explains how his actions are putting her and their little girl om danger. Check out the video below.
It seems that both she and her daughter are getting death threats following the young rapper’s actions.
A follower said: ‘now what she got to do with that! leave that damn women and child alone,’ and another commenter posted this: ‘She innocent, sim about her I like. Like she’s always seemed real. I respect her for standing on her feelings and never begging him she gone, make sure her child good financially and emotionally.’

A follower said: ‘he on here arguing wit grown men and can’t even take care of his daughter 🤡🤡✌🏽’, and someone else said: ‘ She’s sort of clout chasing. Always has been. Bad track history of doing it.’
A commenter posted this: ‘the comments are sickening AF, but y’all got to understand coming from a MOTHER’S PERSPECTIVE she is protecting her daughter AS SHE SHOULD , y’all don’t need to attack her for being 69 daughters mother,’ and a follwoer said: ‘Kids are off limits point blank period. Y’all gotta stop!’
A fan wrote: ‘hun she said “siblings,” which would insinuate they’re of the same race love, don’t play this game with me u know why this is not right. Cause we black people are quick to call a white person out on saying we look alike. Keep your energy.’
In other news, Tekashi 69 gets ban news ahead of Christmas. The Shade Room has more details about what just happened. Check out the latest report below.
TSR revealed that the victims of an April 2018 robbery in which Tekashi 69, previously admitted to being involved, are officially suing him for damages.

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