Sara Molina And Tekashi 69’s Girlfriend Jade Clash After She Tells Tekashi’s Enemies To Go After Jade And Her Daughter

Tekashi 69 is a free man and just as reckless as he was before he was in prison. Unfortunately, the artist does not seem to care what happens to anyone other than him and his loved ones — which apparently doesn’t include his daughter.
Sara Molina has been on social media asking 69’s enemies to keep her innocent five-year-old out of their beef. The rapper has spoken on multiple other artists and their dead associates.
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Sara has been receiving threatening messages from people who dislike the internet sensation not only directed at her but also her daughter. Sara’s mom took things into her own hands when she messaged Tekashi hinting that Sara should tell his enemies to go after his girlfriend Jade and her daughter instead.
To make things worse, Sara has explained how the rapper pays for the security and mortgages for himself, his mother, and Jade — but gives her nothing and does nothing to ensure they are safe.
Jade posted a screenshot of Sara’s mother’s message along with a threat that she doesn’t play around when it comes to her daughter and that she has nothing to do with what Tekashi chooses to do.
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Molina took back to Instagram Live where she appeared with her mother and told viewers that Jade ‘puts the battery in his back’ to start drama but she is protected. She also feels a certain way about Jade allowing Tekashi to do what he does and has no regrets about telling his enemies to go after her instead.
This whole exchange started after Molina said that she needs a family lawyer.
‘I need a family lawyer, my life and my daughter life is being brought up and threatened, I can’t relocate, I recieve no help financially, no security, I’ve been leaving paper trails all over as soon as I get threatend all becuase of him so if something forbid happens to my daughter, f–k me, but my daughter it’s all about (Tekashi 69) and his b—hes faulth for not being woman enough to step up and say “If my daughter who isn’t yours has make sure your daughter has security,’ she wrote on her Story.
What do you think of this mess?