Priyanka Chopra Talks Meeting Up And Relationship With Nick Jonas’ Brother Joe And His Wife Sophie Turner!

The wives of the Jonas brothers are really close to the point that they have been dubbed the J-Sisters and it turns out that Priyanka Chopra really loves being part of this very exclusive group of women! That being said, in a new interview for Marie Claire, the actress opened up about her relationship with sister in law, Sophie Turner but also with the rest of Nick Jonas‘ family!
As you might be aware, the couples don’t just get along, they are actually close physically as well since their houses are only about three miles apart.
But, Priyanka told the news outlet that the short distance between them does not necessarily mean they spend that much time together.
‘We never get to meet [Joe, Sophie and family] as often as the world thinks, but whenever we end up together, it is a huge a** party. It is all our parents, the girls and the boys.’
It’s quality over quantity! Despite the pairs not meeting that often, it’s always a great time when they do.
Of course, things were a bit different during the pandemic, the free time the celebs got allowing them to spend more time together than usual.
‘Both of our schedules are so crazy individually that there was no world in which we’d have ever had 6 months together. It only took a global pandemic for that to happen.’
Speaking of, Nick also went on to talk about the silver lining they were able to find amid the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

‘We are both aware that [last year] was really challenging [with COVID-19], but we were able to be together. It was a blessing, and it created a good foundation for us,’ he shared.
Another topic Priyanka touched upon was the gossip and the rumors surrouding her family on social media, the actress stressing that she never lets such things affect her mental health and well-being.

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