Pop Smoke’s Mom Audrey Jackson Shockingly Comes Out To Sympathize With The Families Of Those Who Killed Her Son

Pop Smoke tragically died exactly one year ago today, Hot New Hip Hop revealed. The performing artist who was on the ascension in the hip-hop world was slain in California while staying in an Airbnb owned by a Real Housewives star.
Pop Smoke’s posthumous album, Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon, was executive produced by 50 Cent and it wound up as one of the biggest rap projects of 2020. Even though Pop Smoke had already passed by the time it came out, it still was a massive hit, as it was noted last year. 
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Audrey Jackson, the late rapper’s mother, appeared on The Breakfast Club in New York City this week where she talked about the death of her son as well as his legacy. According to Audrey, her son would listen to their show every single day.
As for his music and whether she can listen to it or not, Audrey shared that it was just too painful for her to pay attention to it. If it comes on the radio, she turns it off, because the music was how they connected and enjoyed their time together.
The star went on to say that it “hurts,” and she doesn’t listen to it unless she absolutely has to. “We danced together, we sang together,” Jackson explained.
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Regarding the group of men and boys who killed Pop Smoke, Audrey said she didn’t harbor any hatred toward them. She added that their behavior probably had to do with their households, and that was the reason they acted in the way that they did.
Audrey went on to suggest that everyone’s family goes through trials and tribulations, and while it’s not entirely about forgiveness, it’s about having an understanding and an awareness of the “dynamics” that are at play.
According to the slain rapper’s mother, she has chosen to move on from the past because living her life from a place of fear, “negativity,” or “anger,” is not a great way to live one’s life. As it was noted above, Pop Smoke was killed exactly one year ago today after media reports stating that the police had shut down one of his shows due to a fear of violence.