Phaedra Parks Praises An Important Person – Check Out Who It Is

Phaedra Parks just praised an important person for her life. Take a look at the message that she shared on social media below.
‘During #Blackhistorymonth we celebrate and recognize our ancestors and leaders but today, I want to recognize my #dermatologist Dr. Chynna Steele Johnson owner of @steelederm . She is a thriving, strong, brilliant #Harvard educated black mother and wife. Whether it’s acne, a rash or droopy jowls she knows how to perfect Black skin! If I am glowing it’s because of her expertise and peace!’ Phaedra captioned her post.

She also said: ‘Thank you for always taking time to explain and educate me! Thank you for being a community activist! You make me love the skin I’m in 😘 💕🐸 #blackgirlmagic #sisterhood #smartgirlsrock SteeleDermatology.com.’
Someone else posted this: ‘I need her to help me with my peach skin 😘’, and someone else said: ‘Thank you! It takes one to know one! So happy to call you a patient and a friend. I’m only helping to KEEP you beautiful and get from 9.9 to 10 😉😘’
One other follower posted this: ‘Okay you know I’m jealous right?!? Hey, y’all!’ and somoene else said: ‘I don’t live in Atl 😭😢. I would like a good skin care regimen.’
One other follower said: ‘@phaedraparks you are simply one of my favourite people. Your strength as a Woman and a Mother is simply Amazing. You’re always levelling up. In all things, you Keep GOD 1st!’
In other recent news, Phaedra Parks recalled the Superbowl Edition from 4 years ago.
Check out what she had to say and the photo that she posted on her social media account below.
‘#4 years ago today during #superbowl #weekend I met @topnotchworldd after following and admiring her work for months! I was so tickled! Fast forward to now we are friends and working on a project together! #Godsplan 🙏🏾 I love you @topnotchworldd 😘 #letsgo 🤑👯‍♂️💕 #superbowl #memories’ Phaedra captioned her post.

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