Phaedra Parks Addresses The Transition Of Queen Cicely Tyson

Phaedra Parks is also heartbroken following the passing of Queen Cicely Tyson. Check out the emotional message that she shared on her social media account below.
‘Yesterday I posted my advance copy of Queen #CicelyTyson book #JustAsIam. This evening my heart wept when I learned of her transition. She was an icon, a mother, model, actress, activist, role model and philanthropist. Her accolades-from Emmys to the Presidential Medal are limitless, her contributions to our culture and the world simply astonishing. As a black woman blessed with chocolate skin, you inspired me and challenged me to be bold and grateful for all of my experiences. #ThankYou again #welldone #blackexcellence personified 👑 #RIP 🙏🏾’ Phaedra said.

Someone else said: ‘This made me cry 😢 I just watched an amazing documentary on Saturday about her’ and a commenter posted this mesage: ‘The first to make every role her own first to go against the odds I remember an interview where she said it was her chose to cut her hair for roots ❤️❤️’
A follower said: ‘And we know to be absent from the body is to be present with the lord job well done Ms Tyson🕊❤’ and someone else posted this: ‘One of my fav songs by India!!!! Beautiful tribute!!!❤️❤️’
Someone else said: ‘This breaks my heart because I admired the love she put in her career, so many characters she has played a mother and has always touched my heart as my mom did. I simply loved her energy and love to brag on how good she always looked. I’m really sad 😪 behind her passing 💔💔 may her beautiful soul rest peacefully.’

Phaedra Parks shows her gratitude to Cicely Tyson for the following reason. Check out what she had to say on her IG account and impressed fans.