Olivia Newton-John Raves About Her Longtime Friendship With John Travolta And Teases Music Collab!

Olivia Newton-John and her daughter Chloe Latanzzi teamed up to release another single while she gets ready to drop an album of duets, one of them being with her longtime friend, John Travolta! That being said, the actress could not help but gush over the actor who just celebrated his birthday, during a live question and answer session on IG, meant to promote the new hit song!
While chatting to her fans, Olivia opened up about the unbreakable bond she shares with the man, saying: ‘Well, we’ll always been friends. [John and I] been through a huge, incredible experience together and we care about each other and we’ll always be friends.’
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The two stared together in the classic movie Grease, more than 40 years ago and fans have loved them and their friendship ever since!
However, they have also come together again since then, most recently in 2012, when they released a Christmas album.
Olivia went on to reveal during the live that, thanks to her daughter, she is releasing even more collabs soon!
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The album is on its way as it’s expected to be released in April!
‘I’m in the studio this week recording another song and I’m going to try to convince her to do another one with me,’ Chloe told their viewers.
Her mom then added that ‘Chloe and this song came to me,’ referring to the song that’s made it to the top of several charts. ‘It was all a gift, it was all meant to be, so I always love singing with her and this song was the perfect song to sing with her.’
The mother and daughter started living together again amid the pandemic and they have had no problems working together on music either!
It really sounds like they made a great team since they’ve done this sort of thing since Chloe was still a child!