Oh dear, Kim Kardashian is trying to bring back capri pants

Some 2000s-era styles, like Uggs and Juicy Couture tracksuits, are worth revisiting. Others, like low-rise jeans and peekaboo thongs, deserve to burn in fashion hell.

Capri pants, those leg-truncating trousers that are too long to be Bermuda shorts (also bad) but hit above where a more classic cropped pant might, fall squarely into the latter category, at least for most of us.

Unfortunately, Kim Kardashian — who in recent years has ushered in the return of two other questionable trends from the era, biker shorts and high-heeled flip-flops — is making a case for the polarizing pedal pushers’ return.

On Wednesday night, the 40-year-old Skims founder stepped out in West Hollywood wearing flame-red leather capris that hugged her hips and hit just below her knees.

The newly single star styled the divisive duds with a matching knit crop top and yet another ripped-from-the-aughts style staple: Manolo Blahnik’s Timberland-inspired “Oklamod” boots.

Judging by the star’s track record of resuscitating seemingly dead-and-buried trends, it’s likely only a matter of time before capris filter into your favorite store.

Prepare your shins accordingly.