Nick Cannon Is Tested Positive For Covid-19 – Here’s Who’s Filling In For Him As Host Of ‘The Masked Singer’

Nick Cannon just tested positive for Covid-19. Check out the latest reports coming from The Shade Room about who’ll be filling in for him as host of ‘The Masked Singer.’
TSR just announced that unfortunately Nick Cannon had been diagnosed with Covid-19.
‘It was just confirmed that not only has Nick Cannon contracted COVID-19, but Niecy Nash has been tapped to temporarily step into one of his biggest jobs,’ according to the reports coming from TSR.
TSR quotes info from ‘Variety exclusively reports, Nick Cannon, host of the popular reality competition series “The Masked Singer,” has recently been confirmed as testing positive for COVID-19. As a result, he will not be able to host the first few episodes of the show’s new season—that’s where Niecy Nash comes in. Niecy has been chosen to fill in in for Nick temporarily until he is clear to return to the set.’

Niecy will begin taking over as guest host when production begins on February 4th for the fifth season of “The Masked Singer.” Meanwhile, Nick Cannon is reportedly currently in quarantine and resting, one of his representatives confirmed. The FOX network expects Nick to return to the series later.’
‘This makes me worry because of his Lupus. Praying he gets well soon!’ and one other follower said: ‘Whew! Prayers for him! He’s high risk! I hope that covid won’t attack his immune system with the illness he already have.’
Someone else said: ‘Praying for him, it could affect him badly since his immune system may be compromised due to lupus.’
A follower said: ‘This is worrisome, especially since he has lupus! I hope he gets well soon and doesn’t have any crazy symptoms!’ and someone else posted this: ‘This is worrisome, especially since he has lupus! I hope he gets well soon and doesn’t have any crazy symptoms!’
One commenter posted: ‘Aye unless you gotta go grocery shopping or work..stay yo behind in the house,’ and somoene else said: ‘Pray for this man. He has Lupus.. almost died from it once already. Pray he pulls through.’
Stay tuned for more news.

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