Mysterious hand model at Golden Globes 2021 revealed

Who’s that hand?

That was the question on viewers’ minds as they watched the 2021 Golden Globes when a mysterious hand double for Tina Fey, who was in New York, reached through the split screen to pet Amy Poehler, stationed in Los Angeles, during the opening monologue.

“Psyched to add arm model to my resume!!!” makeup artist Molly R. Stern wrote on Instagram, revealing herself to be the mystical arm.

“When Amy Poehler and Tina Fey ask you to participate in their @goldenglobes monologue you most definitely oblige. #ArmModelForHire,” she added.

Stern, who also did Poehler’s makeup for the ceremony, was part of a gag in the monologue as the hosts poked fun at the show’s first-ever bicoastal event.

During the broadcast, the pair were featured on a split screen and Fey, 50, said “the technology is so great you’re never gonna be able to tell the difference” — and proceeded to pretend to pet Poehler, 49, through the dual screen.

“You won’t even notice,” Fey said, while Stern, who was stationed off-camera, stroked Poehler’s hair on Tina’s behalf. “I always knew my career would end with me walking around the Rainbow Room pretending to talk to Amy.”

The identity of the mysterious arm who reached from Tina Fey’s split screen to pet Amy Poehler during the 2021 Golden Globes has been revealed.NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The bit of TV magic had Twitter up in arms as they tried to guess who the limb belonged to.

“That person was apparently an official union member of arm models,” one person joked.

Stern has been in showbiz for quite some time, having worked in the makeup department in 1996’s “Swingers.” More recently, she served as Reese Witherspoon’s makeup artist for “Big Little Lies,” according to IMDb, along with countless celebrities seen on her Instagram page.

So, give her a hand.