Meghan Markle And Prince Harry To Get Candid About The ‘Tensions’ Between Them And The Royal Family During Oprah Interview!

On March 7, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are set to have a sit-down interview with legendary TV personality and close friend of theirs, Oprah Winfrey. That being said, one new insider report claims to know that, among the topics they will discuss, is also the ‘tense’ situation between them and the rest of the royal family.
As you know, Meghan and Harry are no longer royals by title since they have decided to leave the palace and move to the US, hoping to live more normal lives and be financially independent.
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Now, a source teased via E! News that they are going to open up about, what they called, the ‘very tense relationship’ they have with the royals back in the UK.
According to this unnamed insider, the expecting couple is finally going to ‘speak their truth’ about their exit from the British monarchy and more.
‘There is a lot of tension between them and the royal family. This interview is going to shine a light on what they’ve been through. Meghan and Harry are relieved that they are away from it all.’
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Now that they have been released, officially, from their royal duties, the source claims that they will be able to be much more honest about the reality of it all.
Furthermore, ‘They are going to touch on a lot of how mental health came into play and how it affected them.’
This marks the very first big sit-down interview since their engagement one back in 2017 so there is no doubt that they will have a lot to say.
After all, many things have happened since, including their move to the US, their deals with Netflix and Spotify, getting pregnant again, and more!
People have been interested in learning more about Harry’s relationship with his older brother, William as well since there are many rumors going around that they are no longer on good terms, something that’s apparently left Harry feeling ‘heartbroken.’
‘Harry and William are on two different paths,’ the insider noted about this, referring to the fact that William is in line for the throne while Harry is pursuing a very different career in the US.