Meek Mill Has A Few Words For Vanessa Bryant After She Called Him Out For Recent Lyrics About Kobe Bryant

Meek Mill managed to upset Vanessa Bryant with some lyrics about the late Kobe Bryant. Check out the posts that The Shade Room shared on social media.
Check out one of his tweets:

I don’t think we on the same signal y’all .. I don’t see what y’all see… I be looking at the net laughing like I did whet 🙃 I say random shit all day on social … it becomes a trend to hate on me every once in a while but I feed off that shit ima beast literally 💎
— Meek Mill (@MeekMill) February 23, 2021

Here’s another tweet that he posted, saying that he had already apologized to her personally in private:

I apologized to her in private earlier today not to the public…Nothing I say on my page directed to a internet viral moment or the family of a grieving woman! If you care about someone grieving change the subject!
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— Meek Mill (@MeekMill) February 23, 2021

Someone said: ‘You humiliated her and her family in public. You should apologise in public! Also… Get help.’
A follower posted this: ‘nah, it’s cool if rappers use Kobe’s name, and we not mad at him cause he’s just meek, we mad at him cause he DISRESPECTED KOBE’S NAME after his death…. do you see where you’re wrong? we dgaf if it’s meek, we still gon get mad at WHOEVER disrespect Kobe’s name like that.’
A fan said: ‘Sorry for her loss, but if she not familiar with the music, then why tf she worried…not like she gonna hear it …everyone’s a cloat chaser,’ and somoene else posted this: ‘

So you apologize to Vanessa over a slightly distasteful bar…..but I still remember when you defended Rick Ross when he rapped about literally drugging & raping a woman…..Where’s that energy with this Kobe line? 👀
— Some Gemini Chick (@ARighteousHeaux) February 23, 2021


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