Masika Kalysha Is Feeling Unappreciated – Check Out The Reason Why

It seems that Masika Kalysha is feeling very unappreciated these days, Check out the message that she shared on her social media account below. I be feeling so unappreciated & under valued on Mother’s Day… from the ppl who are actually in my life. Y’all can take that Mother’s Day text & go straight to hell with it. This is my 5th Mother’s Day & I’ve only ever received 1 Mother’s Day gift… in 2018. Not even a dinner — Masika Kalysha (@masikakalysha) May 9, 2021 RELATED: Is Alexis Skyy Really Pregnant With Fetty Wap’s Baby? What Does Masika Think? She continued and said: ‘a massage, a gift, hell a day off. On Mother’s Day I’m always on full mom duty. Let’s normalize giving moms a damn break on Mother’s Day. I wanna go shopping and sip champagne today and do hood rat shit with my friends! Tf’ Someone said: ‘Oh wow, please appreciate just your child being your gift. I couldn’t give a damn about a gift. Normalize this. I have been in so many situations where I saw my child literally die and come back to me. childhood cancer is no joke. Mommies hug your babies a little tighter tonight.’ A follower posted this: ‘You know what people giving you shit but I didn’t get shit Mother’s Day either & everybody knows I don’t play about my baby & you actually are a good mom, we’ve seen it from the beginning too…but yea it was fewer texts than what I thought when they praise my mothering 365 smh.’ RELATED: Founder Of ROSE Organization Says She Never Sent Masika Kalysha A Letter: ‘Stop F****** With Me’ Someone else posted this: ‘I feel you. It doesn’t make matters better when you see other mother’s who receive but kind n cars lavish dinners for their mother and their mother’s mother. But that when you take notes and demand more from those around you. You will get it to trust that.’ A fan said: ‘If others don’t celebrate you… you have to learn to celebrate yourself. You made that baby love.’