Mama June And BF Geno Doak Mark A Full Year Of Sobriety – Check Out The Sweet Pic And Lengthy Message!

It’s been exactly a year since Mama June Shannon stopped using drugs and it was a big reason for her to celebrate! Being clean has obviously changed the reality TV star’s life a lot for the better, which is why she could not be any happier to have made that choice.
Not only that but her current boyfriend, Geno Doak, has been staying sober as well, the two of them helping each other through the process.
That being said, to mark the considerable milestone, Mama June took to her platform to post a pic of the two of them, looking really happy and healthy.
Alongside it, she wrote in the caption, in part: ‘I’m so full of gratitude one that we have made it one year with no relapses when so many of the people we know have due to this crazy pandemic going on n I think back two where we was one year today at this time we had Started staying in our car staying at a truck stop in Jackson Ga and was just trying to figure out where we was going to be able to make money for our next high.’
She then went on to tell the story of how the two of them managed to get clean and the whole journey until today.

She concluded her lengthy caption with a message for her followers: ‘I may not have all the answers but I’m here to listen to u and not judge it honestly has helped me so much in my recovery journey so now my goal is to work inside of a rehab facility to be able to watch people come in at their lowest where I was a year ago n blossom into new amazing person n know my inbox is always open #1yrclean #gratitude #rehabworks.’
Hopefully, things will continue to be just as good for Mama June and her boyfriend, and she will also get to work in a rehab facility soon!

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