Lamar Odom Addresses The Breakup With Sabrina Parr – See What He Has To Tell Wendy Williams About It

Lamar Odom talked about breaking up with Sabrina Parr and he dished all the details to Wendy Williams. Check out what he had to say.
Lamar told Wendy that Sabrina said she slept with his ex-wife’s significant other.
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After Sabrina Parr also opened up about her breakup while on Wendy Williams’ talk show, it is now Lamar Odom‘s turn to talk about it!
As you might know, the two seemed really in love and like they had found the one, but things have not ended too well between them.
The former basketball star took to his platform to call his ex ‘bitter’ for speaking about it publicly.
However, Lamar went on to insist that despite the hurtful end to their romance, he is still grateful for what they had and for what he’d learned from their relationship.

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