KUWTK: Kylie Jenner Gets A Lot Of Criticism After Throwing Over The Top Party For Daughter Stormi Amid The Pandemic!

The makeup mogul threw an amazing party to mark her daughter’s third party but many on social media were not too happy about it! Users took to their platforms to call Kylie Jenner out for hosting such a huge event amid a global pandemic!
Not to mention that everyone was freely mingling, no masks in sight, and so, fans were scared the whole thing would end up becoming a super spreader!

The KUWTK stars have seemingly been continuing life as usual in spite of the danger of COVID-19 and this means their vacations and parties have barely suffered any change!
As a result, many think they are really entitled and choose to ignore such a serious health danger just because of their money and were not afraid to let them know – Kylie, most recently!
You might know that, at this time, gatherings are limited to household members-only in SoCal.
But despite this rule, Kylie Jenner and her baby daddy, rapper Travis Scott, threw a massive bash for their daughter’s third birthday and it was just filled with guests!
One video in particular that Kylie herself posted on social media shocked her followers!
It showed a room filled with partygoers singing Happy Birthday to the little girl and they were not even wearing masks!
As always, the celebration had everything a child Stormi’s age would love, in addition to beautiful decorations!

Obviously, however, many online users expressed their opinions that it was too over the top for a party in the middle of a pandemic.

Check out some of the criticism the famous parents got: ‘Corona going on and they’re partying.’ / ‘It’s seriously so disgusting to me tbh.’ / ‘Is there no Corona over there??’ / ‘No masks unsafe to all.’ / ‘Not a mask in sight…’ / ‘Guess they all were tested for covid?’ / ‘Yes, let’s all gather closely together, we are wealthy and entitled so social distancing does not pertain to us.’