Katy Perry Opens Up About Why She Decided To Have A Baby At This Stage In Her Life And Why She’s So Glad She Did!

The singer opened up about her decision to have a baby last year and it turns out that she has zero regrets! Here’s why she’s so thankful she chose to become a mom instead of just ‘bulldozing ahead’ with her career. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom had their bundle of joy, daughter Daisy Dove and the first time mom cannot get enough of the baby’s ‘unwavering, unconditional love.’ RELATED: Will Katy Perry’s Upcoming Album Contain Response To Nemesis Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood? It’s been almost eight months since Katy welcomed her daughter and now, she is talking about having her at this stage in her life and how glad she is she did. While her career is very important to her, Katy admits that motherhood is a job that is even more ‘fulfilling.’ This and more is what the singer told model Miranda Kerr during their conversation on Instagram Live yesterday. RELATED: Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Have Split After One Year Together ‘There was no feeling like when I had my daughter. That was like all of the love I was ever searching for. It was like bam. Your art’s validated by the outside world and it fluctuates. Sometimes you’re beloved and then people are like, ‘No, I do not like that, moving on.’ The love from your children’s constant and unconditional and is not based on what you have, what you do not have, what career… So that has definitely made me feel so full, to know that there is this unwavering, unconditional love,’ Katy shared with her fiance’s ex-wife. She went on tell that ‘It is amazing to have this opportunity to be a businesswoman, but then at 34, when I was like, ‘OK, I am ready,’ I am so glad I made the conscious decision to try and do that. I am so glad I didn’t miss out on that opportunity… It has been the best thing.’ For more on what she had to say, check out the discussion in full!