Jamie Lynn Spears Explains Why She Didn’t Also Become A Pop Star Like Britney Spears

While her sister, Britney Spears, went on to become one of the most famous pop stars ever, Jamie Lynn Spears did not follow in her footsteps and she just explained why! After all, both of them entered the spotlight very early on in their lives, although they ended up taking different paths.
It all started with an Instagram post that requested fans to list their top singer siblings of the 2000s.
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NYLON re-shared the original post from Ashley Ray and it read: ‘I think it is nice that in the early 2000s if your sister was a singer, you got to try it out too.’
The publication then went on to ask followers to mention their favorite pop singing siblings from back then in the comments.
Seeing it, Jamie Lynn explained why she did not also pursue a pop star career like her older sister.
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‘Never tried it. There was no competing with the GOAT,’ she simply wrote.
However, one user did point out that she does have a song called Follow Me.
Reading it, Jamie Lynn stressed that it was very different since the track was for her Nickelodeon show Zoey 101, pointing out that her calling is still acting.
‘That is a theme song…to the show that I am an actress on.’
But there was another comment about her singing career, a fan reminding Jamie Lynn that she was also featured on Britney’s Chillin’ With You song and that she also released other genres of music, such as her country music EP titled The Journey.
This comes amid the news that Britney and Jamie Lynn’s father will continue to be the pop star’s co-conservator despite her request to have him removed.
Fans have been trying to get her the freedom she wants by using the ‘#FreeBritney’ hashtag and even her boyfriend Sam Asghari broke his silence recently, slamming Jamie Spears.