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Ian Somerhalder Explains Why A New Season Of ‘Vampire Diaries’ Is Not A Good Idea!

During a new interview with Andy Cohen, Ian Somerhalder explained the reason why Vampire Diaries should never be rebooted! Check it out!
While fans of the series would obviously love to get more of the same storyline, the actor thinks that another season of the Vampire Diaries would be rather boring so it’s better left alone!
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While a guest on Sirius XM’s Radio Andy, the host mentioned reviving the CW show, asking the actor about all the ‘rumors circling online that it could come back for a 9th season, but that the decision’s up to you and Nina [Dobrev]. [Is there] Any truth to that?’
Hearing this, it did not take Ian long at all to shut down the speculations, simply stating that ‘I have not heard anything about a season 9.’
Besides, it wouldn’t be ‘Vampire’ Diaries with Elena and Damon as humans, right?
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As fans know by now, the series wrapped up with the two characters taking the cure for vampirism and starting a new, mortal life as newlyweds while Stefan, played by Paul Wesley, passed.
‘What would happen? Damon would have like, gray hair and they’d have canes. Like, ‘Oh, I’ve got to feed the baby.’ Listen, it ran a great course,’ Ian pointed out.
As for a possible reboot, he argued that it wouldn’t make sense either since the series is still a massive success on Netflix and other streaming platforms.

‘Now, it’s still living. That’s what’s so amazing,’ he said, referring to the show still being loved and viewed by many after such a long time.
In the meantime, fans can also rest assured that the magic of Vampire Diaries lives on in the real world through Ian and Paul’s line of bourbon whisky, appropriately named Brother’s Bond since the two play brothers on the show.