Heiress Harris Models For Tiny Harris And Fans Cannot Have Enough Of Her

Heiress Harris was a model for her mother, Tiny Harris and fand and followers on social media are simply in awe when they see such beauty. Check out this amazing photo session.
‘Why I thought I was a photographer last night! @heiressdharris was my model. How did I do with that iPhone 12 camera lol 👑💜’ Tiny captioned her post.
Someone said: ‘You had a great model. The camera didn’t really matter. 💖💕💞’ and one other follower said: ‘You did good sis! It helped that you had the most adorable lil’ Cutie Patootie to capture! I Love you two 💞💞 My Tiny & My Heir Bear 💯🥰’

A commenter posted this: ‘Well one, Heiress is gonna look cute no matter the camera or angle! She’s a doll🥰 and mama did good. Now…do you really love the 12’s camera from the 11? 😂’
Somoene else said: ‘Really??? You could use an old polaroid camera. Wouldn’t matter, she is a cutie patootie 💞💞’, and one other fan said: ‘She’s so pretty! You couldn’t do any wrong if you tried! A little 🌟’
A commenter said: ‘Those turned out great she is so cute she needs to be a little model,’ and someone else said: ‘It’s just something about her eyes..😍 .. natural beauty at its finest💯’
A follower posted this: ‘The third pic for me…she’s like a little Olivia from The Cosby Show. So cute 💕’ and someone else said: ‘You did great, she’s so pretty she looks like you both 😍’
A commenter posted this: ‘She has so much personality. I’m gonna bring @the_baby_prince over for a play date 😀.’
Tiny Harris shared a clip on her social media account in which baby girl, Heiress Harris, flaunts her braided hair. Check out the post that she shared.
‘Directly after getting her hair braided. She on TikTok doing videos! #Mybabythinksshesxscape5thmember 😩👑💜’ Tiny captioned her post.

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