Gabrielle Union Surprises Her Fans With A Baby-Hair Looks Message – Check Out What She Has To Say

Gabrielle Union has something to say about baby hairs. Check out the gorgeous photo and the message that she shared on her social media account.
‘Today, we change the game on how you serve baby hair looks. Our @flawlessbygu Repairing Edge Control is out now and was carefully crafted with you in mind. We created this product with Açaí Palm and Passionfruit Seed oils, ingredients used to add moisture and shine while stimulating growth! Link in bio,’ Gabrielle wrote.
A follower said: ‘Girl. I wish. I don’t have baby hairs! It’s like a genetic mutation!!! But I’m thrilled for your line!!!’ and somoene else posted this: ‘Woooooowwww😍😍 looking like she’s abt to celebrate the 21st birthday!’

Someone else posted this message: ‘Niiice. I hope it works well with 4c hair! My hair doesn’t understand baby hairs,’ and a commenter said: ‘@gabunion the next chapter 4u might have something to do merch because we have @unique_caps_company exactly what suits you.’
A follower said: ‘More people like you, and the world would be better,’ and a commenter posted this message: ‘Orders mine from Amazon already…and ordered the curl definer for my Mom. Thanks, Sis❤️.’
One other follower said: ‘Now put someone in the commercial with 4c hair, I’m trying to see something🤔🤷🏿‍♀️’ and someone else said: ‘If you really wanna change the game, you should check out @ote_babyhair edge brushes to really slay those edges. Brushes are 🔥🔥 and black woman-owned.’
Someone posted this:’ Nicely done! Pass the age of baby anything so, I just have edges!🤗’
Also, not too long ago, Gabrielle Union wished a happy birthday to Kerry Washington. Check out the passage that she shared on her social media account to mark the event.
Gabrielle is living her best life these days with her family.

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