Eva Mendes Hater Says She’s Not Posting On Social Media Because Of Botched Plastic Surgery – Check Out Her Response!

The actress reacted to a commenter on social media who theorized she hasn’t posted as much on her platform lately because she’s recovering from plastic surgery! Eva Mendes looks as stunning as ever but her looks have nothing to do with her rare appearances online.
The star was quick to clap back at one hater who accused her of getting ‘work done’ and explained the real reason why she’s actively choosing to stay away from social media more than usual.
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It all started with Eva wishing her friend a happy birthday on social media, in a rather rare post.
This caused many to comment under it, one troll, in particular, sharing their thoughts on the reason why she’s so rarely on social media lately – plastic surgery!
Eva then took time to respond to some of the fan comments in the comment section, explaining: ‘hi. I am actually taking time to truly be present with my family so posting’s not really a priority right now. Hoping you and yours are well.’
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This was in response to a follower simply asking why she was posting so rarely but another person was not as nice about her lack of posting, writing their own theory in the comments: ‘she’s had work done and I don’t think she’s happy with it.. she was beautiful without.’
Eva clapped back, writing: ‘mmmm. I’m not sure why I’m answering you but here I go. I am posting less because I want to be present for my family. My little ones really need me and posting takes too much time. As far as getting work done, I will do that whenever I please. But no, that is not the reason. The reason’s I personally can’t juggle family and social media. So – big shocker -I choose family. Lots of love to you out there.’