Erica Mena Drops A Message For The Haters – Check It Out Here

Erica Mena had something to say to all her haters on social media and not only. Check out the message that she shared on her IG account.
‘I really just be minding my business and you bitches will STILL have something weak to say. @prettylittlething’ Erica captioned her post.
Someone said: ‘This been ya mood all ya life tho 😂’ and another follower said: ‘Is people don’t have shit nice to say you shouldn’t say shit at all. Do like your granny use to tell you.’

One other follower said: ‘Why even care about what other people to old for that and the fact that you mentioned it..means you care and secretly love when people have something to say about you…especially negative. Go sit down..yes you are attractive but you’re looking old talk about that.’
One other follower said: ‘And that’s exactly what it is…WEAK!!! 🎯 Stay Minding Your Business Beautiful ♥️’ and one otheer folower said: ‘Why do u give them a reaction be that’s what they want for u to react.’
Someone else posted this: ‘So gorgeous and beautiful bae wifey @iamerica_mena 🤎’
In other recent news, Erica Mena just revealed her hair journey to fans. Check out the video that she shared on her social media account below.
‘Plant-based Hair Care with the one and only @vegamour My healthy hair journey has brought me to come across @vegamour ! I’m absolutely blown away by the results I’m receiving. Here is what you need to know about Vegan Plant-Based @vegamour products ✨’
In other recent news, Erica Mena surprise her fans on social media with a new giveaway. Check out what’s this all about in the message that she shared on her social media account.
Other than this, Erica is living her best life with her family these days despite breakup rumours.

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