Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Posts Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial And She Looks Stunning – Check It Out!

Eminem‘s gorgeous influencer daughter, Hailie Jade Mathers took to her go-to platform, Instagram, to teach her followers how to do a stunning Valentine’s Day look since the romantic holiday is right around the corner! Check out her tips and tricks!
Hailie’s followers knew all too well that she’d promised a makeup tutorial for Valentine’s and she delivered!
As always, the 25 year old Instagram star looked great both before and after applying the makeup products on her face.
Hailie decided to use her skills to, hopefully, inspire her fans to also try out the gorgeous look on Valentine’s Day!
Now, many of those who’ve watched it are convinced she definitely has a future on YouTube as a makeup guru if she so desires!
In the caption, she wrote: ‘The valentines look I promised 😍 ⁣⁣I used the @morphebrushes talkin’ flirty palette 💗 ⁣⁣Crease – ‘i’m single’⁣⁣ Lid- ‘into you’⁣⁣ Outer corner and bottom lash line – ‘starin’⁣⁣ Liner- ‘smirk.”

As you can see, just like a pro makeup guru, she made sure to list all of the products that she used to achieve her gorgeous look alongside the video tutorial.
Here are some of the reactions from fans in the comment section: ‘Beautiful!! I love that some of your products are affordable from the drugstore!!’ / ‘Respect to you even though I know nothing about makeup I know art and can tell an artist when I see One.’
Someone else pointed out the obvious, telling Hailie that she looked ‘pretty’ while others requested for her to share her skincare routine in the near future as well!
This is not the first time that the influencer shares a makeup tutorial on the platform.

Just last month, she posted another one in which she taught her followers how to do her ‘everyday glam.’

Of course, she is also well known for her style and she often shows off her her great outfits.