Dream Doll Speaks Out After She Is Spotted With Rich The Kid On Vacay

Dream Doll speaks out after she is posted with Rish the Kid on a vacay. The Shade Room has all the available details. Check them out below.
A follower said: ‘she just having fun on her trip. what rich and his girl got going on dont got nun to do with her,’ and someone else posted this: ‘Don’t dream got a boyfriend anyway ? 😭’

Someone else posted this: ‘She talked about this vacation way before any of this and who cares especially with him saying he single,’ and someone else posted this: ‘Y’all saw two ppl wit a lizard and ran wit it I’m tf dead 😭😭😭’
One other followewr said: ‘Lol she really is on her family vacation though. All y’all would have to do is go to her page. I think the media and his girl just randomly put two and two together and got WRONG.’
Someone else said: ‘Even if she did, oh well. That’s Tori’s karma for messing with a married man 🤪🤪’, and one otheer followewr posted this message: ‘She’s innocent. That man said he was single. 🥴’
One oother follower said: ‘Atp dream don’t know who she want she was just with that boy who bm said they was still together & now this… girl your goin sabotage your own career!’
Someone else posted this: ‘I thought dream in a relationship with the other rapper like yesterday or some.’
Dream Doll was making headlines back in September 2020 when Celina Powell threw some pretty nasty accusations at Dream Doll, and the latter decided to respond! The Shade Room caught more of what these two had to say to each other, and you can check out the online fight.
Other than this, Dream Doll seems to be living her best life.

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