Donald Trump Had A Diet Coke Butler Button On The Resolute Desk, It’s Gone Now

Just as if things couldn’t get any stranger with the now-defunct Trump administration, it’s been learned that President Joe Biden has removed Donald Trump‘s Diet Coke butler button that was installed on the Resolute desk. Yes, that’s right — a Diet Coke butler button. You may remember back in 2017, the Washington Post reported that Donald Trump drank Diet Coke and plenty of it. His critics likened his controversial policies and late-night tweet storms on his love for the caffeine-ladened beverage and many thought Donald Trump’s health was in danger due to poor nutrition and too many Diet Cokes.
There had been reports that President Trump had a ‘butler button’ on the desk that he would buzz and White House staff would quickly retrieve one of his 12 daily Diet Cokes and Trump would be happy. That button is now gone as President Joe Biden gets to work tackling the Coronavirus pandemic and undoing by executive order, proclamations, and declarations much of what President Donald Trump enacted during his four-year rule.
Needless to say, memes about Donald Trump’s Diet Coke addiction and butler button are flooding social media networks.
Here is a tweet from 2017 when it was first discovered that Donald Trump was addicted to Diet Coke.

Trump reportedly drinks 12 cans of Diet Coke each day. Is that healthy? No wonder he’s off the rails. He hasn’t eaten real food in years. oh well, garbage in; garbage out. bye bye worst president ever. #NaturalSelection but not soon enough https://t.co/w34PKH4LjM pic.twitter.com/XDXR8kAutQ
— The Real Jack Chow (@TheRealJackChow) December 13, 2017

You may remember this video that went viral where Donald Trump was mispronouncing the word origin by saying orange. Many people attributed it to his Diet Coke addiction. You may see it below.

Jesus fucking Christ. My grandfather started talking like this and afterward there was a family meeting and we hired a nurse to check on him at his home. https://t.co/7bptnuWRSz
— Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) April 3, 2019

Now, reporters are discussing the Diet Coke Butler Button and its removal. Tom Newton Dunn shared a story from when he interviewed then President Trump and saw the red button.  According to Dunn, after Donald Trump buzzed the White House staff, his Diet Coke was brought to him on a silver platter.
Dunn shared photos from his visit to the White House and you can see the large box that is situated on the desk with the red button on top of it.

President Biden has removed the Diet Coke button. When @ShippersUnbound and I interviewed Donald Trump in 2019, we became fascinated by what the little red button did. Eventually Trump pressed it, and a butler swiftly brought in a Diet Coke on a silver platter. It’s gone now. pic.twitter.com/rFzhPaHYjk
— Tom Newton Dunn (@tnewtondunn) January 21, 2021

Donald Trump was repeatedly accused of being out of touch with the American people and there may be no better example than his red Diet Coke butler button that he installed on the desk in the Oval Office.

What do you think about the fact that Donald Trump had a Diet Coke butler button installed so his soda could be hand-delivered on a silver platter?