Demi Lovato Reveals That She Endured Brain Damage As A Result Of Drug Overdoses Including 3 Strokes And 1 Heart Attack

Today, Demi Lovato released a new project on YouTube called, Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil, a documentary about the drug overdose that nearly took her life in 2018. People Magazine revealed that the new trailer touches on the trials and tribulations of the 28-year-old singer-songwriter not long after she was hospitalized.
Moreover, Demi reportedly had three strokes and one heart attack in the hospital, a staggering number of medical issues for one to experience all in close proximity to one another.
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While at the Television Critics Association panel this week, Demi shared more details about her overdoses, including the impact it had on her mind and body. Demi explained that the ordeal left her with brain damage as well as the inability to drive a car. She now has blind spots in her vision.
Demi went on to say that it was even a challenge for her to read a book because she had blurry vision for about two months. It took a long time for her to finally get back to a place where she feels nearly 100% better.
As most know by now, the 2018 overdose was one of the biggest stories of the summer. A lot of people commented on it, especially after she released the song, “Sober,” which many thought was probably a reflection of her struggles with substance abuse.
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According to Lovato, she was very grateful that she didn’t take as much rehabilitation as others, however, there was an emotional component to it all and she was able to get better after.
During a conversation with People Magazine, the singer explained how she wouldn’t “change a thing” about what happened to her, especially the aftermath. “I was sober for six years and I learned so much from that journey.”
With all that said, there is a silver lining to the story. Demi says she’s going to continue making music that “resonates with people.” According to the singer-songwriter, her purpose is to be an artist who cares for the world and the community.