Cynthia Bailey Says RHOA Co-Star Kenya Moore ‘Inspired’ Her To Lose Some Weight After Gaining It In Quarantine!

According to Cynthia Bailey, it was her RHOA co-star, Kenya Moore, who inspired her to lose a bit of weight she had gained while in quarantine! Apparently, Cynthia was motivated to slim down upon seeing Kenya’s own slim figure!
As fans may know, Cynthia had actually lost 20 pounds before the COVID-19 pandemic, but she ended up putting it all back on when the lockdown happened.
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With that being said, she’s managed to shed it all again thanks to a bit of inspiration from Kenya Moore!
During a new episode of TVTalk on Instagram Live, Cynthia revealed that ‘I was actually really inspired by Kenya because she’s much more into working out and fitness than I am. She gained a bit of weight during the quarantine and so did I. I think that we both gained around 20 pounds.’
The mom of 2 year old Brooklyn Daly actually told her followers that she was embracing her brand new curves initially but she’s obviously changed her mind!
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Kenya has been showing off her slimmer figure ever since she first told the world about previously gaining no less than 25 pounds.
Cynthia tells HollywoodLife that when COVID-19 hit, ‘I was pandemic-ing with my family in LA and our whole focus was Costco and food and what we were eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was pretty much doing everything so that was what my main focus.’
However, when she went back to Atlanta to shoot the new RHOA season, she managed to get in shape fast again since she was living alone.
‘I lost it when I first came back because I was by myself. When I came back in May, I was by myself, so I could actually manage my meals and I lost weight. I think those pictures may have went viral, those swimsuit pictures and then I got happy again and I gained it all back so I’m actually losing weight again now.’