Creepy ‘coffin house’ with goth death decor is to die for at $225K

No, you’re not seeing in black and white — this creepy grayscale “coffin house” has a crypt, backyard cemetery (with a fully stocked bar!) and caskets galore.

This one-bedroom, one-bathroom Maryland home is now going viral on Twitter — and might be perfect for the “weird” loner obsessed with death.

That said, the 1,500-square-foot house is exceptionally tidy!

In fact, listing photos even inspired one Twit wit to comment: “When you’re convinced to participate in a blood sacrifice you at least know there’s little risk of infection in this clean home.”

The house appears to have been a rental for the last three years, and while it’s not clear if the decor is attributable to the landlord or the tenant, the house at 228 Townsend Ave. in Baltimore has a $225,000 asking price, according to the listing.

The exterior of the haunting residence has black steps leading up to a small covered porch. The facade of the two-story house is painted gray brick with black trim, all the better to establish curb appeal with a low-key Addams Family vibe.

Inside the black door, however, leather chairs lurk on the dark-gray carpet of the living room.

This Maryland home is listed for $225,000.realtor.com

Photos of guillotines and hearses hang in the living room. A cloaked grim reaper sculpture reaches out of the wall.realtor.com

A cloaked grim reaper sculpture reaches out of the wall and several black-and-white photos — including photos of a guillotine, an old-fashioned hearse, a demon peering out of a toilet and a set of twins on a swing — overlook a large coffin with a cross occupying the corner. Several small coffins hang on the wall.

Meanwhile, the kitchen has black cabinetry and appliances against white walls.

Black carpeted stairs with spider-web railings lead to the second floor bedroom, where guests are greeted by a black church pew with red pillows (the only pop of color in the house) and, above, a black acrylic chandelier.

The bedroom has a five-sided ceiling, giving the appearance of sleeping inside a coffin. The ceiling above the bed is covered in mirrors, presumably to help the sleeper visualize themself inside a coffin.

The staircase has a spiderweb railing.realtor.com

Downstairs, the carpeted basement has black walls and unfinished ceilings. It’s empty except for two lonely leather recliners facing a large television — two, because even death-obsessed loners need a friend.

Cemetery and crypt in the back yard

The 0.14-acre lot has a small yard landscaped with cement crosses and a headstone reading RIP.

A wet bar sits behind an iron gate with a sign reading “cemetery” in gold letters. Note: The tail-end of a hearse hangs above the bar.

A small shed is topped with a cross.realtor.com

The refrigerator has a gold lettered coffin with a cross, the ceiling is covered with a spider web and a yellow skull sits on top of a freezer labeled “cemetery gates.”

To the side of the house, a small iron-fenced shed topped with a cross reads “crypt.” A black cross serves as the base for a lone bar-height table in front of the shed.

A path leads out to a circular fire pit and a black garage with a skull mural and a spider web door.

The garage has a skull-themed mural.realtor.com

The backyard has a fire pit and a “cemetery.”realtor.com

Raiders paraphernalia in the dining room

In what seems like an ironic choice of decor for death-themed design, the dining room is filled with black-and-white Las Vegas Raiders paraphernalia — although we should have known, since Google Streets photos reveal a lime green Dodge truck parked in the driveway with “The Raider Nation” emblazoned on the back window.

Framed Bo Jackson (No. 34), Howie Long (No. 75), Jim Otto (No. 00), Ken Stabler (No. 12), Tim Brown (No. 81) and Jack Tatum (No. 32) NFL jerseys hang on the wall, and several silver-and-black football helmets and footballs are displayed in the corner.

Jack Tatum’s No. 32 shirt hangs closest to the door.realtor.com

The house is filled with Raiders swag.realtor.com