Corey Feldman Accused His Former Band Members Of Being Satanists Working With Marilyn Manson Since 2018

In October 2017, Corey Feldman ended his tour and started his Truth Campaign. He launched a fundraiser and vowed to make a movie that would expose Hollywood pedophilia and name his and Corey Haim’s sexual abusers. In that time, he […] The article https://celebrityinsider.org/corey-feldman-accused-his-former-band-members-of-being-satanists-working-with-marilyn-manson-since-2018-474555/ published by https://celebrityinsider.org/author/charissevanhorn/ and appeared first on https://celebrityinsider.org. Any reproduction of this article outside of https://celebrityinsider.org will be met with legal action by the writer.