Ciara Reveals She Is 18 Pounds Away From Her Ideal Weight 7 Months After Welcoming Son Win But Still ‘Embracing’ Her Curves!

It’s been seven months since Ciara gave birth to son Win and now she is apparently 18 pounds away from her ideal weight! In the meantime, she opened up, while chatting with Oprah, about ’embracing’ her new curves!
Ciara has opened up to Oprah about ’embracing’ her post-pregnancy curves, seven months after welcoming her son Win.
The stunning singer appeared virtually on Oprah Winfrey’s Be The Love You Need event, in partnership with Weight Watchers.
During the interview, Ciara shared that ‘This week, I’m actually back on track, like all the way on track and I feel very good about where I’m going. I’m ready to finish this thing out. I have about 18 more pounds or so left, so I’m also enjoying the process to reach my goal.’
As mentioned before, just because she has a goal weight she wants to achieve, that is not to say that she is not still enjoying her life and looks as they are at this moment.
‘I’m embracing my curves. I think I may want to hold on to five more pounds than I normally would. It is somewhat a new me. Again, I was a bit more intense in my thoughts and goals and I realized, I had to step back and say, ‘I’m actually doing really great. I’m doing good.’ You’ve got to allow yourself to enjoy the process. It’s OK to have a little fun,’ Ciara went on to say.

The singer has definitely made some progress since the last time she updated fans on her post-pregnancy weight loss.
Last month, she also revealed that she was using Weight Watchers and told fans at the time that she had already dropped 28 pounds, something she was really proud of.
‘This journey has been easy, stress free and fun! Especially juggling mommy life, work life, exercise, etc!’ she wrote, thanking WW for making it so much easier for her.

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