Chrissy Teigen Insists Her Massively Swollen Lips Are A Result Of Biting Into An Orange And NOT Lip Injections!

Chrissy Teigen took to her platform to show off her massively swollen lips, which could have led to people theorizing she’s gotten lip fillers! However, the supermodel and cookbook author made sure to stress that’s definitely not what happened!
Instead, she claims that it’s most likely an allergic reaction to pesticides since her lower lip swole after she bit into an orange!
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It all started with the model posting pics as well as footage of her swollen lips on her IG Stories earlier today.
She also made sure to stress that her pout looked like that not because of lip fillers but because of ‘a pesticide or something’ on an orange that she bit into!
Of course, that was all her guess as to why that occurred but the main point was that she definitely did not get her lips enlarged on purpose!
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‘You’re all just going to think I got lip fillers but I did not get lip fillers, I did not get lip fillers between last night and now. I had I think bit into an orange to try to open it And I believe there must have been like a pesticide or something on it,’ she told her followers.
In another clip, the model and mom of two can be seen pressing on her lower lip.
She goes on to share that ‘Ugh, it’s like hard. Look how bouncy it is.’
And the lips were not the only ones affected by the allergic reaction!
Chrissy posted a picture of her side profile too, revealing that her ‘nose is swollen too.’

Chrissy Teigen shows off swollen lips amid allergy she guesses is to ‘pesticide’ on orange #Londonnews #londonshowbiz
— Scott’s Electrician & Builders Service Bromley. (@london_bromley) February 13, 2021

Chrissy Teigen is always super open with her followers on social media, pretty much about everything!
That being said, if she did get lip injections, she would have definitely admitted it!
Not too long ago, Chrissy underwent endometriosis surgery and she posted a pic of her bandaged stomach, updating her fans on how she was doing: ‘I’m okay, I’m home now. I’m all numbed up.’

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