Celebrity cardboard cutouts appear in the stands at Super Bowl 2021

February 7, 2021 | 8:55pm

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With only 22,000 fans in the stands at Super Bowl 2021, the NFL filled up 30,000 additional seats with cardboard cutouts. While fans could pay $100 to get their cutout in the stands, the Super Bowl wouldn’t be complete without some star power, even if it is via cardboard. Here, a Tiffany Haddish cutout smiles from her seat. Getty Images

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Ralph Macchio is more than the Karate Kid, he’s a football fan. Getty Images

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Bernie Sanders’ cutout rubs shoulders with Eminem in the stands. Getty Images

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Ozzy Osbourne looks cool next to a very excited fan cutout in the stands. Getty Images

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DJ Khaled gets sat with some Chiefs fans. Getty Images

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Billie Eilish’s cutout looks confused as to why she is there. Getty Images

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Lady Gaga brings a taste of Chromatics to Tampa, Florida. Getty Images

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Guy Fieri tweeted “Wait… How can I be in two places at the same time!?” in response to his cutout. Twitter

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Eric Stonestreet requested to be moved away from Buccaneers fans after notifying organizers that he is a Chiefs fan. Instagram