Bella Thorne Says She And Zendaya Were Constantly Pitted Against Each Other So It Took Them A While To Become Friends!

During a new interview for US Weekly, Bella Thorne opened up about her relationship with former Shake it Up co-star, Zendaya! That being said, she revealed that the two of them had to ‘deal with’ quite a lot when they were still young Disney Channel stars.
According to Bella Thorne, it took a while for her and Zendaya to become friends behind the scenes, the reason being that they would be constantly pitted against each other!
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The two stars would be compared to one another all the time, something that made a bond and friendship between them hard to achieve at the time.
‘We had to deal with that so much on Shake It Up. It’s like we said a couple interviews when we were younger, we explained how in the first season we were not friends and it took us those other 2 seasons of becoming close. [It was hard] not having somebody pitted against you [before] and, all of a sudden, now everyone’s pitting you against each other. It fed into our heads. It made us not friends in that first season.’
However, Bella and Zendaya managed to get over that pressure that comes with fame and went on to develop a beautiful and close friendship.
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Fortunately, Zendaya and Bella were able to handle the pressures of fame and formed an incredibly close friendship.
She recalled how they had a really nice chat ‘in the middle of a sound stage’ while shooting Good Luck Charlie.
That is when ‘We were able to put our cards on the table and understanding each other.’
That is also when Bella says she realized how ‘mature’ Zendaya was despite her age and all the stress and pressure of being a child star.
In the meantime, Zendaya has managed to create an amazing career for herself and Bella told the outlet that she admires her former co-star a lot for it.
‘Zendaya’s amazing. I f**king love her. She has always been amazing and she is always going to be amazing. I am just happy that people see that. She is getting the recognition she deserves.’